You will also discover that with designer handbags the diamonds used are real rather than fakes

10/22/2013 17:15

You`ve now decided to spend a bit of your hard earned money on the purchase of a good quality handbag, but you want to make sure that the one you are purchasing is the real McCoy and not a cheap and nasty fake. With handbags being so popular in today`s society it is no wonder that there are so many companies out there who are eager to produce counterfeit versions of the likes of Gucci, Lois Vuitton and many of the other top designers. So if you really want to make sure that you are not being ripped off and rather spend your money on something that is really genuine, then by following these few simple hints provided below it will hopefully help you in your quest.

The fabric which is used to manufacture the designer, brand name handbags varies differently from that used in counterfeit models. There will be a problem with the stitching and if there are any flaws on the material being used then the chances are that it is not the genuine article. Designer handbags will only use real materials such as leather and animal skin, whilst counterfeit handbags will be made using fake leather or animal skin. With designer handbags the detailing on them is all important as not only is it unique to that particular bag but hours will have been spent on making sure that the detailing is exactly right.

You will often find that designer handbags have extra stitching and other details included such as little diamonds, buckles or zippers which will make them truly unique to that particular designer. You will also discover that with designer handbags the diamonds used are real rather than fakes. If you want to determine whether the handbag you are purchasing is fake or not is by looking and studying the real versions and the best way of doing this is to look at what the celebrities are carrying.